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Play Silkies

Sherbet Play Silkie - Original Size

Sherbet Play Silkie - Original Size

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Introducing the Sherbet Play Silkie, a vibrant addition to your child's playtime repertoire. Bursting with fluorescent hues reminiscent of sweet and tangy sherbet flavors, this play silk promises an exhilarating and lively experience for your little explorer. Crafted with bold and bright colors, the Sherbet Play Silkie captivates attention, igniting imaginative adventures indoors and serving as a standout accessory for beach escapades. Its eye-catching palette shines brilliantly under the sun, making it the perfect companion for seaside fun and sandcastle building

Play Silkies are the perfect toy for imaginative play, sensory exploration, and dress-up fun! Made from high-quality silk, these vibrant and silky toys are perfect for kids of all ages. Whether your child is pretending to be a superhero, a princess, or just dancing around the house, Play Silkies will add a touch of magic to their playtime.

Play Silkies Regular are just the right size for little hands to manipulate and explore. And they’re made to last – crafted from 100% 8mm (momme) pure mulberry silk, these toys are strong and tough enough to withstand everything from tight knots to rough toddlers.

And the best part? Play Silkies are easy to clean! Simply hand wash and hang to dry, and they’ll be ready for the next adventure.

Perfect For  

  • Baby play - peek a boo and object permanence games
  • Imaginative play - capes, wings, princess skirts, baby blankets, cubby houses
  • Small world play bases 
  • Music and Movement 

Product details 

  • Habotai silk
  • 90cmx 90cm
  • Meets Australian Toy Standards
  • Recommended for ages 6 months+
  • Australian designed and owned
  • Made in China
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