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Are you ready to elevate your teams early childhood practice to new heights? With over 18 years of rich experience, I've led multiple teams to exceed the National Quality Standards. Armed with a Master of Education, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. I can help you achieve your goals in a way that feels good for everyone. No boring PDs found here! Your learning experience is my key priority because as Rita Pearson once said, "people don't learn from people they don't like". Every workshop or coaching session is delivered in a way that is engaging, easy to digest and collaboratively FUN!

As a certified Circle of Security facilitator and a practitioner trained in primary caregiving approaches, Marte Meo practices, ECERS-E, and SSTEW scales, I offer a comprehensive toolkit to transform your professional journey. My passion lies in Attachment Science and Relational practices, and my superpower is making the complex feel refreshingly simple. Feedback speaks volumes – professionals find me relatable and knowledgeable, an expert who's as approachable as I am skilled. Let's co-create a learning experience that will reshape your early childhood narrative.

Price: $399 p/p ($350 p/p for groups over 10)
7 WEEK Certified program supported by SRF funding

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3 part series - Transform Relationships

This Professional Development package is designed to be facilitated over 3 x 2hr sessions or 1 whole day workshop

It includes the following 3 menu items

  • Relationships with the brain in mind
  • Fostering Emotional Intelligence
  • Respectfully guiding behaviours
Children learn in the context of the relationship and it is the quality of that relationship that will determine how well a child learns. I can help your team or educators know what it takes to build and maintain high quality reciprocal relationships with children. With years and years of experience working with an attachment and developmental framework I have witnessed the transformative effect that my approaches have on educators and children. I can help you and your team transform your practice through providing new perspectives to understand what is going on for the little people you care and educate. You will also learn new approaches to build your confidence in responding to those trickly or wobbly moments you find yourself having day in, day out. The best thing about my workshops is that they "just make so much sense" (well that's what everyone keeps telling me anyway!)

Relationships with the Brain in Mind

  • What are respectful relationships with children & why are they so important?
  • Relationships grow brains. How interactions shape the brain
  • Circle of Security as a way to understand children’s attachment behaviours

🔍 Dive into Quality Area 5: Relationships with Children

Discover the Secrets of Nurturing Child-Teacher Bonds Join our enriching Professional Development Workshop!

Tailored for early childhood centers looking to enhance their approach to Quality Area 5: Relationships with Children.

🌟 What You'll Learn:

  • Delve into Attachment Theory, Circle of Security, and Developmental Science
  • Gain Insight into How Children Navigate the Circle of Security
  • Unlock the Wonders of Early Brain Development
  • Uncover the Transformative Impact of Positive Interactions on Young Minds
  • How to Develop Deep, Trusting Connections with Young Learners

🗓️ Flexible Scheduling: Choose as a once off 2hr staff meeting workshop or part of a 3 part series either delivered in 1 day or over 3 night trainings. This PD can be delivered in person (Victoria) or online

Fostering Emotional Intelligence

  • The value of tears and how to respond to them.
  • How the brain drives emotions and how it wants us to respond
  • The ART of “being with” emotions


🌟 Little people have Big emotions, it's tricky business🌟

Understanding Emotions in the Classroom Running an effective early learning program without a strong understanding of supporting emotions in the classroom can be a daunting challenge.

Our Professional Development session is here to help you navigate this crucial aspect.

🧠 What You'll Explore:

  • This workshop is founded in the work of Dr Neufeld, Circle of Security and Dr Siegel.
  • Discover the Value of Tears and how to respond Learn the art of “being with” emotions (co -regulation)
  • Dive Deep into the Adaptive Process Understand Brain Integration Strategies to support social wellbeing.

🗓️ Flexible Scheduling: Choose as a once off 2hr staff meeting workshop or part of a 3 part series either delivered in 1 day or over 3 night trainings. This PD can be delivered in person (Victoria) or online

Respectfully Guiding Behaviour

  • How neuroception effects our responses to children ‘s tricky behaviour
  • Introduction to RIE principles of respect
  • Guiding behaviour through relationships

Embedding a culture of respect as a way of guiding positive behaviours

🌟 Respect is more than modelling ‘please and thank You’s’🌟

Building a culture of Respect includes children at the center of everything we do.

🧠 What You'll Explore:

  • An investigation of respect as a way of amplifying relationships:
  • The art of respectful interactions as a way of being.
  • We draw inspiration from RIE principles developed by Magda Gerber and Emmi Pikler.
  • Explore how your own brain influences your reactions to children's behaviors through neuroception, shedding light on the science behind your responses.
  • Learn effective strategies for guiding positive behavior, a pivotal outcome of this session.

🗓️ Flexible Scheduling: Choose as a once off 2hr staff meeting workshop or part of a 3-part series either delivered in 1 day or over 3-night trainings. This PD can be delivered in person (Victoria) or online

Three pillars that drive behaviour

This workshop is designed for educators who are feeling "stuck" when it comes to behaviour. Unpack the 3 pillars that drive much of the behaviour we see in ECEC

- Physiological needs

- Attachment needs

- Sensory needs

When we understand that behaviour doesn't require punitive consequences rather an appropriate response to legitimate needs our approach is transformed

Making Learning Visible in the classroom

Making the learning visible within the classroom benefits everyone, children, educators and families. There is so much more to MlV then an art display and learning story pinned up on the wall. This workshop is designed to unpack the potential of MLV and provide creative ways to represent the wonderful learning that occurs in your classrooms

Assessment and Rating Preparation

Elevate your early learning center to new heights with Elise's Assessment and Rating Consultancy. Let us help you not only meet but exceed the National Quality Standards

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