Circle of Security - Classroom

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** A new way to look at behaviour guidance **

Online group coaching course 


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We know young children learn in the context of a significant relationship but embedding high quality relationships in early learning environments can be complex and challenging.

This group coaching course offers early childhood professionals a transformative journey through attachment-based concepts, rooted in decades of research, to enhance the quality of relationships and promote children's mental health and well-being. In an intimate online setting, participants can connect, share, and receive guidance from both peers and the facilitator.

The Circle of Security - classroom approach simplifies the understanding of children's attachment needs, emphasizing the teacher's pivotal role in meeting those needs. It helps educators move beyond traditional behavior-focused approaches by recognizing how attachment needs manifest in behavior, and provides reflection questions and tailored resources for early care professionals.

For educators dedicated to nurturing meaningful relationships with children, completing the full Circle of Security training program can significantly elevate their professional practice and portfolio.

Important Details to Consider Before Reserving Your Spot:

  • Our next cohort will be opening soon, and please remember that this program is facilitated online for your convenience.
  • It's worth noting that Circle of Security is an approved program covered by School Readiness Funding.
  • Throughout the course, you will engage in weekly interactional tasks with children and work through reflection books.
  • The cost for participation is $399 (+gst) per participant.
  • Please be aware that sessions will not be recorded due to copyright restrictions on the content.

Learning Objectives of the Program:

  • Understand children’s emotional world by learning to read and respond to their attachment needs.
  • Learn the art of "being with" children as a strategy for co-regulation.
  • Enhance the development of children's self-esteem and wellbeing.
  • Honor your innate wisdom and desire for children to be secure in your classroom. 


What does Circle of Security teach?

Circle of Security provides a road map to read children’s attachment needs and how to respond to those needs with both responsiveness and respect 
How relationships effect personality and overall brain development 
How to tune into your own teaching style and what may be getting in the way of success
Tools to understand and make sense of your own triggers to help you respond to children in the way you are proud of

Why do I think it is so important?

Because this map can underpin many of your teaching philosophies including how you organise your daily rhythms and everyday practice
It takes a lot of the questioning out of behaviour guidance.
Provides educators with the CONFIDENCE to know how they can respond to children in a helpful way.


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