About U.Me Play

We're so much more than a wooden toy store…

Our Mission

To create a movement in the way that we raise children both at home and in early learning spaces.

Our Vision

To improve the mental health outcomes of our next generation by empowering parents and early childhood professionals to follow their intuition, to always lead with love and to understand the scientific evidence that underpins responsive parenting and teaching approaches.

Our Brand

U.Me Play is centred on the important role that relationships play in our children’s lives. Without significant relationships, toys are simply toys. Our toys support play but are also designed to be used within a relationship.

Our courses give you the confidence to know that your parenting game is contributing in a positive way to your child’s experiences now and for the future.

What does U.Me Play stand for

Wondering what U.Me Play actually stands for? The ‘U’ is all about you and supporting you on your journey as a parent or educator, ‘Me’ is about the child and the child being the centre of everything we do and finally the ‘Play’ represents learning through play. Together, U.Me Play represents everything that I believe in - that all learning that happens in the early years of childhood occurs within the context of a loving relationship and a whole lot of play.

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