Hi, I'm Elise!

I am a mum of two, an Early Childhood Consultant and Teacher. My mission is to create a movement in the way we educate and raise children so together we can improve the mental health outcomes of our next generation. I am passionate about promoting the importance of healthy attachment and developmentally responsive approaches in the first five years of life. I am BIG ON LITTLE PEOPLE, and I am thrilled that you have found your way here!

Welcome to U.Me Play's Professional Development and Family Consultancy Support Services, led by yours truly.

ECEC Professional Consultation:

With over 18 years of dedicated experience in early childhood environments, my pedagogy is firmly rooted in attachment and developmental science. I've proudly steered multiple teams to excel across all 7 quality areas of the NQS, and my support has built the confidence and practice of hundreds of early childhood professionals across Victoria and Tasmania.

I help ECEC providers implement practices that align with primary caregiving, relational approaches, and attachment-based practice, all underpinned by the Circle of Security framework.

You can be assured that you are in safe and capable hands as I have been mentored by some of the best in early childhood pedagogy, fortunate to embark on national and international study tours, learning from luminaries like Iram Siraj, Denise Kingston, and Kathryn Bussey.

Family Supports:

Today, my journey continues as I extend my offerings to families. It wasn't until I became a parent myself that I realised how much mis information mainstream media spreads to families about what children need from us in the first 5 years. I give you my word that engaging my support will feel like a warm hug amongst the overwhelm that comes with online or unsolicited parenting advice. You will not find any separation or reward/punishment based strategies here!

Explore our offerings, which include Circle of Security courses for both parents and classrooms, comprehensive preparation, and mock assessments for NQS Rating and Assessment, sleep and wellbeing support, and personalized 1:1 consultation for families navigating the transition into childcare or kindergarten, struggles with sleep or behaviour.

Key offerings

- Circle of Security courses (parenting and classroom)

- Professional Development Workshops

- Preparation and Mock Assessments for Rating and Assessment of the NQS

- 1:1 Coaching and mentoring for practice improvement or career progression

- Family support consultation to support developmentally appropriate behaviours through responsive approaches

- Starting Childcare/ kindergarten 1:1 consultation for families

- Baby led and Attachment based sleep support

What Makes Me Qualified?

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