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6 Relational Practice Skills - Exceed the NQS Relationships With Children

6 Relational Practice Skills - Exceed the NQS Relationships With Children

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This resource is designed to give specific and instructional steps to execute quality interactions with children in early childhood settings or even at home!

HELPFUL FOR - early learning professionals or carers who

  • wish to build on the quality of their current relationships with children.
  • are challenged by children's behaviour
  • lack the confidence to confidently engage with children effectively
  • are leaders in the profession and would like to support practice improvement around interactions with children 


  • 6 STEP BY STEP GUIDES outlining different interactional skills know to enhance relationships with children
  • EVIDENCE BASED - All skills take a developmental and attachment science based approach
  • EASY TO FOLLOW 1 PAGE GUIDES - Each skill sheet is broken down into 1 A4 cheat sheet that includes,


  1. CONNECTION FOR EFFECTIVE DIRECTIONS - Increase cooperation & smooth transitions.
  2. NARRATING THE PLAY - Build children's self esteem while enhancing the strength of relationships with educators.
  3. TALKING TENNIS - Enhance quality of interactions by building conscious awareness of complex interactions and conversational skills.
  4. EMOTION COACHING - Learn to "be with" children as a way of supporting big feelings.
  5. THE MEDIATOR - Supporting conflict resolution in the classroom
  6. RECONNECT TO REDIRECT - Guiding prosocial behaviours
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