Hi, I'm Elise!

U.Me Play
In case we haven't met, my name is Elise, and I am the founder of U•Me Play and Elise Disher Ed @elisedisher.ed. This smiling ray of sunshine with me is my daughter Max 

A little about me, I'm an Educational Consultant, Parenting Coach (Circle of security-parenting) a Teacher (Master of Education, Major - Early childhood) and a Holistic Sleep and Wellbeing specialist. My background stems from over 18 years in the early childhood space working as a director of an exceeding early childhood centre and as an early learning consultant continuing to support early learning teams to exceed the NQS. (as well as all of the roles that came about before these). My key focus is supporting positive behaviour through attachment and relationship-based science and of course learning through PLAY!
- Master of Education (Early Years)
- Bachelor or Teaching (0-5)
- Leading people in the Early Years (DEEWR)
- Certified Circle of Security Facilitator 
- Certified Marte Meo Practitioner 
- Certified holistic sleep and wellbeing specialist 
- Gold standard Inter-rater reliability using ECERS- E and SSTEW scales

It wasn't until I became a mum that I realised just how much quality information parents are not privy to. There was such an overwhelming amount of marketing out there that suggested we needed every gadget and light up toy or our child may not learn, and my passion to show the power of open-ended play only grew stronger - eventually resulting in me taking the giant plunge and selling our home to support the launch of this little brand we now call U.Me Play.

U.Me Play is so much more than a toy store. My mission is to create a movement in the way we raise children. I want to improve the mental health outcomes of our next generation by empowering parents and early childhood professionals to follow their intuition, to always lead with love and to understand the scientific evidence that underpins relational approaches to parenting and teaching. If you are a parent you can learn about my support services here. If you're an early childhood profession you can learn about my consultancy support services here 

One of my favourite sayings is that "a toy is simply a toy in the absence of a nurturing relationship", and I'm now fairly certain a brand is simply a brand in the absence of a nurturing relationship with our customers that we call family.


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