Collection: Professional Development for Education Settings

Hi there,
I'm Elise, the founder and lead facilitator of U.Me Play's Professional Development Courses.  My pedagogy is founded on over 18 years of experience working in early childhood environments and focusses on attachment and developmental science. I take a strong focus on relational practices that are known to improve overall outcomes for children. 
- Master of Education (Early Years)
- Bachelor or Teaching (0-5)
- Leading people in the Early Years (DEEWR)
- Certified Circle of Security Facilitator 
- Certified Marte Meo Practitioner 
- Certified holistic sleep and wellbeing specialist 
- Gold standard Inter-rater reliability using ECERS- E and SSTEW scales 
All of these training packages can be offered via Zoom or in person. Email me today to chat more about your training requirements and I will be happy to tailor something to your needs.
Alternatively go ahead and 'purchase' a program that interests you and it will prompt me to get in contact with you to discuss your needs further 
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