Climbing Play

There is a reason why children climb all over the furniture and seem to bounce off the walls. It is because their bodies and minds are busy learning to work together and movement is just how they do that. We could not open play without a range that recognized the critical importance of allowing ample opportunity for children to move their bodies freely. 

Our Pikler range is inspired by Emmi Pikler one of my all-time favourite theorists. Pikler was a pediatrician whose theories on how children develop in the early years was revolutionary in the early childhood education and care industry. Her main ideas were around the benefits of respect for freedom of movement and the child as capable. Our Pikler climbing range has been designed to engage our core values here at U.Me Play 

  • Freedom of movement 
  • Respect for the child as capable and competent 
  • Supporting considered safe risky play 
  • Igniting creativity through open-ended resources

Every piece is hand made here in Melbourne using quality FSC certified Australian hardwood timbers and ply.